© 2015 por Agustina Garrigou

  • Black Potatoid

    Black Stoneware and hyper textured experimental Black Glaze

    Natural dyed wool from Patagonia region.

    17 x 17 cm


      wieight 0.7kg

      height 17 cm

      diameter 17 cm

    • Claims and Refund

      All pieces will be packed with extreme care and will be sent with a caring delivery company.

      However if the piece arrives broken, please let me know within the first hour of arrival and we will find a solution together, either refund or new piece.

      All pieces are different and unique, handmade and using experimental techniques. Therefore, there will be no refund of the money except for a piece arriving broken after delivery.

    • Delivery

      Please contact me for more information at agustina.garrigou@gmail.com